EC regulation of 21st November 2012 no. 1151, which has replaced previous EEC regulation no. 2081/92
This is the Community standard relating to the protection of geographical indications and denominations of origin for agricultural and food products.

Law of 21st December 1999 no. 526 (art. 14, para. 15 ff.)
This law regulates controls and supervision of protected denominations in Italy

Ministerial decree of 19th November 2004 no. 297
This standard regulates the sanctioning system in application of EEC reg. no. 2081/92, now EC reg. no. 1151/2012

Decree by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry of 26th April 2002.
The Consortium is in charge of the protection of Prosciutto di San Daniele.

EC regulation no. 1107/96 of 12th June 1996
Registration of Prosciutto di San  Daniele as Protected Denomination of Origin

Law no. 30 of 14th February 1990
The Consortium can regulate certain matters that involve all operators in the production chain, by means of directives and regulations, which have erga omnes effectiveness for all recognised operators operating within the Prosciutto di San Daniele Protected Denomination of Origin control system.

Law no. 507 of 7th July 1970 (replaced by Law 30/1990) 
Establishes “fair and consistent local customs” in the production of Prosciutto di San Daniele and establishes the so-called  “Disciplinare di Produzione” or “Production Guidelines”.