Everything about San Daniele is just perfect: its flavour, iconic guitar shape, and quality mark. With its distinctive features, everyone can recognise Prosciutto di San Daniele:

The trotter

The trotter is left on every leg of San Daniele ham. In addition to being part of our tradition, keeping the leg whole helps to drain off any moisture enabling the ham to optimally mature.


Once it has been ascertained that the ham meets all the requirements of the product specification, the mark is branded on the rind under the supervision of the inspection body. The two-digit number under the trotter is the producer’s identification code.

The breeder and slaughterhouse marks

Each Prosciutto di San Daniele is marked with an identity card to ensure the traceability of everyone involved in making the ham throughout the entire production chain. The breeder places a tattoo on the animal with an abbreviation for the province where the farm is located, the breeder’s identification code and a letter indicating the month of the animal’s birth. Next the slaughterhouse brands the leg with the initials “PP” and its identification code, which is a letter and a two-digit number.

The ‘DOT’ mark

With nothing left to chance when making Prosciutto di San Daniele, the production process is extremely strict with full traceability, so every leg is bears the ‘DOT’ mark with the date on which processing began. ‘DOT’ (denominazione di origine tutelata) is a protected designation of origin under Italian law and marked on every leg when it arrives from the slaughterhouse, enabling the maturing period to be calculated with absolute precision.