The quality of San Daniele ham was recognised by Italy as early as 1970 – first with Act of Law no. 507/1970 and later with Act of Law no. 30 of 14 February 1990 – by means of a specific provision that incorporated the loyal and constant customs of traditional production, making them compulsory by law, and introduced penalties for anyone breaching the rules (first with Ministry Decree no. 298/1993 and then also with Ministry decree no. 297 of 19 November 2004). Starting in 1996 with EC Regulation no. 1107/96 of 12 June 1996, San Daniele ham is now also recognised by the European Union as a product with Designation of Protected Origin (DOP) status. The distinctive characteristics of PDO products include geographical limits to the area of origin by describing the product and indicating the raw materials as well as the main physical, chemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics of the product. An inspection system ensuring compliance with the Specifications is also called for.